Discover: Spinn

SPINN are notorious for dream-pop; for notes that trip over each other and cascade into tracks drenched in sunshine. When ‘Notice Me’ emerged in 2017, it captured hearts with the easy, catchy chorus, well-written melody and deceptive simplicity. To this day, the song is perfect for spinning in your car, in your bedroom, or at a festival as you sing along with your mates.

The refreshing take on an indie band don’t try to be mysterious or pretentious. Their ‘Notice Me’ music video features pink tinted lighting, but that’s the extent of the cliched territory, and the tone seems self-aware when placed in hand with the widely-used boy-band set up. The hand-embroidered shirt reading ‘Who The Fuck is Johnny Quinn’ pokes fun at the lead vocalist, and its hard to believe the black makeup is meant to be taken seriously, either. They laugh alongside their fans on social media, and enjoy their live performances as though that were the only thing they would ever wish to do.

You may have heard ‘After Dark’ mixed into a few indie playlists, alongside ‘She Takes Her Time’. The band have recently released their SPINN album, which stayed true to the original sound that fans admired. The opener ‘Believe It Or Not’ reassures fans that there is no sudden introduction of heavy guitars; no sudden melancholic overtone to their music. As the album continues we see an extended explanation of who SPINN are: a light-hearted group who love a whimsical rhyme and gently flowing lyrics, encasing endearing, grounded content.

If you’re a fan of Viola Beach or The Night cafe, the Liverpool-based group are worth a listen. Something about the music is reminiscent of bands such as Jaws and The Magic Gang: if you like the familiar indie-band set up with a decidedly individual slant, you should get along with SPINN.

‘Shallow’ takes dedicated fans back a year to the tracks first release, and remains as breezy and cheerful as it was upon that first listen. ‘Keep Dancing’ is a new addition, but you would never guess there had been more than a month or so between the writing of the two tunes. The entire album is cohesive despite the development of the band; the tracks are all undoubtedly SPINN-esque; even ‘Green-Eyes’, which is perhaps the most rebellious and darkest of the tracks has the prevailing youthful nature to it.

‘Heaven Sent’ is a beautiful, heart-breaking love song, and shows that as playful and childish SPINN might sometimes appear to be, their talent is raw and spans quite a large variety of musical space. There is not a single miss on the album. You can press play and not need to go near the skip button. The hazy, easy-going band that somehow seem constantly synonymous with sunshine are undoubtedly worth a listen if you haven’t already come across their eponymous album.

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