Who To Catch Beyond The Woods

Ten Tonnes is following a string of sold-out tour dates and festival performances with a headline slot at Beyond the Woods, and promises to bring his usual love of performing to the stage. Though inspired by sounds from the 70s and 80s, his singer-songwriter tracks have been widely embraced by fans of all circuits, from mainstream pop to the devoted indie gig-goers. Despite being compared to Sam Fender by critics, Ten Tonnes seems to mostly slip in and out of being easily defined, and consequently, it’s hard to not like his tunes. ‘Lucy’, ‘Cracks Between’, and ‘G.I.V.E.’ have been among his setlist favourites recently, so fans are sure to be able to sing along as the sun sets on the Lincolnshire site.

Fans can hope to hear easy, edgy-pop ending another evening with Easy Life taking to their Saturday headline slot. ‘Pockets’ was unsurprisingly well received at their recent Glastonbury performance, and should see a similar response at Beyond The Woods. The band refuse to be boring and are undoubtedly one of the most unique bands within the genre right now, often bringing out a saxophone to play their sound effects live. The band are a perfect fit for the festival; the dreamlike tracks strip away any of your stress or worries, and the fun, easy-going nature of the band often seems infectious. If you haven’t yet come across the quintet, have a listen to ‘Frank’ and ‘Nightmares’ to start familiarising yourself with their tracks.

Indie-kid favourites Marsicans are set to join the headliners as one of the most anticipated acts of the weekend. They describe themselves as “upbeat indie meets dirty pop”, and the northerners have built a reputation for packing their performances with energy, and delivering the songs that fans want. Their new tune ‘Little Things’ brings colour to the set and promises to bring in a lively crowd; even if you don’t yet know the words, jumping around to the guitar-driven track sounds like a brilliant way to spend the day. Spinn have become known among fans for not taking themselves too seriously, and as a result they tend to not hold back on live performances. Catch their new album on the Saturday for popular songs such as ‘Notice Me’, that leak sunshine and are sure to elevate your day.

Beyond the Woods have also bagged Swimming Girls for their line-up. ‘Back of Your Car’ is their best-loved track, and shot them into recognition as an upcoming band to take notice of. With its catchy vocals and a sound that catapults you into the summer, the song sets the tone for the act as a poppy, slightly nostalgic exuberance of fun. They’ve supported Fickle Friends, last years’ headliners, and promise to deliver an equally jubilant set with tunes such as  ‘1 2 Many’ and ‘Beneath You’.

The festival is giving a line-up space to the winner of their Battle of the Bands competition, DB Jones, ensuring local artists are highlighted. They’ll be joined by Bloxx; a talented band that is quickly climbing up festival line-ups with their incredibly well-written, innovative tracks that won’t leave your head for days. If you were looking for the rowdiest crowds and the most people dancing, this would be the set for you; the band have brought in mammoth reactions at other recent festivals. Their new release ‘Headspace’ joins favourites such as ‘You’ and ‘Monday’, and one listen to the first track alone should convince you that they’re worth travelling up for. The tracks are easy to sing along to and remember, yet constantly bring a fresh twist and never grow repetitive. The talent, both creative and performing, is undeniable – make sure you don’t miss their Friday set, and if you see them around the site, ask them to play ‘Curtains’ for me.

Kwassa perfectly slots into the line-up, with carefree bedroom-pop that has recently turned more experimental, showing a slightly heavier electronic influence. Like the rest of the artists joining Beyond The Woods, something about his music seems to drip sunshine, and tracks such as ‘Dive In’ seem perfect for fans to dance along to under the summer sky. For those with an abundance of energy to get rid of, Airways are a good shout, and should offer Bloxx a decent competition for the liveliest crowd.

With such a collection of established artists and blossoming new talent, Beyond the Woods promises to bring a varied mix of sunshine-pop, tumultuous crowds and unending sing-along tunes to the Lincolnshire grounds. Tickets are still available here – make sure you get yours before the party sells out.

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