New Releases: Mystery Jets

We’ve been keen for new music from Mystery Jets since their brilliant 2016 album, and ‘Screwdriver’ doesn’t disappoint. The lyrics are unquestionably more politically engaged than other works by the group; there is a more condemning, cynical tone than earlier classics such as ‘Half in Love With Elizabeth’. The listener is taken from the sunshine and swimming pool world of ‘Two Doors Down’ into a moodier societal examination.

In the five minute track, the band look at those “preaching intolerant hatred” alongside the hypocrisy of religion. “Hate masquerading as pride” is exposed, and the band summarise the frustration their audience is feeling in the powerful lyrics and sound.

The track flows seamlessly from ‘Hospital Radio’; another 2019 release that is a melody made to thank our healthcare system. The future of the NHS has recently been an enormous source of fear and outrage, and Mystery Jets encapsulate this uncertain state in their track, that has been played by the band themselves at intimate hospital shows.

The group have headlined and played countless festivals this summer, trialling the tracks which their fans are evidently loving. Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, and Newcastle are only a few of the cities the band are set to play on their November tour, following the release of their A Billion Heartbeats album on the 27th of September.

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