Currently Spinning 13/08/19

With festival season just coming to a peak, most of us have been loyally listening to our favourite bands, getting amped up to see them live. If you fancy a slight break from the Reading and Leeds lineup, check out some of the tracks we’ve had on repeat recently.

Sam Fender – Will We Talk

If i’m being completely honest, I refused to listen to Sam Fender for months. The marketing seemed too similar to heavily manufactured indie bands we’ve seen in the past, and although he’s rapidly blown up on the scene, I was dubious about the reasons for this. However, ‘Will We Talk’ can’t help but convert the unsure: it can’t help but trick you into shouting along and learning the lyrics within a day. It’s simply a really, really good song.

Easy Life – Earth

If you want an easy listen for when you’re doing some work or with your mates, you can’t fault ‘Earth’. The lyrics are beautifully whimsical – “I left my spaceship in a no parking zone”, and the track just makes you smile. It’s a lovely break from bands trying to be the next Catfish and the Bottlemen: Easy Life have stuck to their signature relaxed, spacey sound. And really, who else would dye their hair into a green and blue globe to advertise their music?

Blossoms – Your Girlfriend

A while ago, while my spotify was in a bit of an indie-overkill phase, I decided I was sick to death of Blossoms, and that the Northern favourites were just a bit boring. ‘Your Girlfriend’, however, is fucking brilliant. The production keeps the song from getting lost in the mountains of similar songs they have, and the chorus is catchy enough to make it perfect for summer.

The Sheratons – Part of a Picture

The Sheratons are a new indie-rock band, and their latest single promises great things – the guitars and vocals work together to create a recognisably passionate sound. Their gigs have been seeing packed rooms, so the Leeds based four piece must be doing something right.

Spector – Half Life

Indie fans have been buzzing about Spector‘s tracks for a while now, and the vocals have a refreshing depth to them; they’re not trying to be easy pop, but something with more grit. The energy’s still there, though, and so is undoubtedly the talent.

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