Currently Spinning 30/08/19

This week’s been full of new musical releases, and though some of them have underwhelmed, there are plenty of tracks we’ve had stuck on repeat, mixed in among older favourites.

If you tinted The Magic Gang a little darker and wove the result together with Black Honey, you’d get something like LUCIA‘s ‘Melted Ice Cream’. The track features vocals that absolutely arrest you from the first listen, and hold you there throughout; the drawling pace of it just works, especially when teamed with the playful, alluring tone. It’s effortlessly cool and catchy, with the opening alone sticking a pin into your heart and demanding you listen to it at least a few more times.

‘Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)’ is the long, long awaited single that Bombay Bicycle Club have just released, and it’s a beauty. The artwork for the track seems to feature a lounging figure on a lily-pad, and the music itself is similarly somewhat hazy and misty in its production. However, Eat Sleep Wake (Nothing But You) is undoubtedly still a sick, sing-along tune that you can have a little dance-around to. Our verdict is the five year wait, though long and bleak, was worth it.

The Honeymoon Suite released ‘California Suite’ around a month ago, and its bright, lighthearted aura has been the perfect backdrop to this week’s sun. It’s a relaxed, easy tune with lyrics discussing the desire to escape, and the banality of every-day life. Though the group only have three songs available, the tracks hint towards a band that have the potential to really do well, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for more.

We’ve already talked about Pioneer’s new track ‘I Don’t Think I’ve Changed’, and we’re continuing to enjoy it as the summer draws closer to its end.

It’s hard to listen to ‘Blue, 1903’ and not fall in love. The Rooves constantly experiment with the tempo and style of their music, and this is one of the most beautiful tracks to come out of that process. Weeks after first hearing it, I still find myself drifting towards this stunning track.

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