Discover: APRE

There’s a high chance you’ve already heard APRE’s track ‘Everybody Loves You’; a 2018 release that racked up spotify hits and introduced many to the duo. The four track EP also gave us the classic ‘Without your Love’, which is just as good, if not better – the track is mellow yet melodic, with an enchanting air to it. For something so soft, it really does make you want to dance.

‘After Me’ is a gentle, beautiful instrumental that seems fit to soundtrack something ethereal: the notes are carefully tentative, and the song becomes semi-liquid. I can’t do ‘After You’ enough justice with purely words; the track takes ‘After Me’ and somehow makes it even more gently glorious. Shadows of a vocal sound wave in and out, only hinting at solidity, whilst the notes simply sort of sway.

‘Backstreet’ is another fan favourite, and shows a considerable difference to the group’s approach to creating music. The tempo slightly increases, and they experiment with pacing in a way that promises further growth.

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