Currently Spinning 21/09/19

Holy Moly and The Crackers are bringing their alt-rock discography on a string of tour dates around the UK, and we’ve been loving their tracks ‘Cold Comfort Lane’ and ‘Upside Down’. There are definite hints of a folk inspiration, but there’s just enough grit and heavy guitars to lift the music into something fans of Blondie and Black Honey would enjoy.

‘Hi’ is one of those songs that you don’t notice yourself suddenly singing along to: you just can’t help being drawn into the brilliantly high notes. Indoor Pets are embarking on a UK tour themselves, promoting their latest album which opens with ‘Hi’. It’s one of the breezier tracks on the record; have a listen to ‘Couch’ if you fancy something moodier.

Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn have pulled together a wide range of influences, including rap and garage, to produce beautiful free form tracks. ‘Moon and the Stars’ is a stellar example of the delicate way they weave their sound together, while retaining an indisputable toughness. The lyrics, presentation and production all work together flawlessly to create something fans of Loyle Carner and Bakar will adore.

‘To Feel Good’ is one of the latest releases from indie darlings Swim Deep, and thought it took me a while, I have finally grown to really respect the track. The band are never too scared to grow with their audience, or force them to try the new sounds that they want to experiment with.

It’s always a miserable time when you realise that the summer sun is fading, but Kashmere makes music that helps prolong those rays. ‘Codeine’ is a vibrant, easy-going single that is slightly more electronic than their previous indie-rock releases. Their 2019 EP Lucid follows on from ‘Codeine’ with tracks that are even more electric; even higher in their spirits, with ‘Gravity’ being another great stand-out.

VENUS have a limited but promising discography, with their single ‘Sour’ demonstrating their talent in both writing and performing. The all-female rock group are taking their music on a Freaky Friday tour, so if you don’t yet have halloween plans check out their Leeds show.

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