Cucamaras develop their sound with ‘Please Not Tonight’

The indie-rock group going by Cucamaras released a set of tracks earlier this year, including ‘Glass Jaw’ and ‘Vogue’, which were full of passion but had yet to find their message and refinement.

Now, the band have proved they learn and develop quicker than most: ‘Please Not Tonight’ is even better than these earlier releases; a huge leap forward in production, writing, and tone.

The group hail from Nottingham and Sheffield, and have sold out shows in both cities. They’ve already toured with indie favourites such as Bedroom / Boredom and No Hot Ashes, and are now set to support Sheafs at the Rescue Rooms.

You might not be able to pronounce their name – I definitely still can’t – but you will almost definitely love this single. It’s easy to listen to, catchy, and youthful yet polished. Keep an eye on Cucamaras: if this track is any indication, the music the four-piece are set to release should be worth catching.

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