DMA’S reveal video for new track ‘Silver’

‘Silver’ has been long awaited by fans of the Australian three-piece, and though the track it somewhat surprising, it doesn’t disappoint.

Rather than continue in the vein of the heavy rock influence of Hills End, seen in tracks such as ‘Lay Down’ and ‘Melbourne’, DMA’S have stuck to the softer sound of tunes such as ‘Delete’.

The video for ‘Silver’ is appropriately moody and uncomplicated: the simplicity draws you into the song and makes you fall easily in love with it. As the tempo picks up, the beauty is not lost, but the ballad turns into a melodic indie tune with an unmistakable grit to it.

The prominent lights are reminiscent of the stage lights at a gig fading up and down, and fans are led to grow more and more excited for their upcoming February Australian tour. The trio have also bagged a supporting slot for Liam Gallagher himself, and will be touring the UK at the times and locations below.

11.11.19 // Cardiff
12.11.19 // Birmingham
15.11.19 // Glasgow
17.11.19 // Newcastle
18.11.19 // Sheffield
20.11.19 // Manchester

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