Review: Jake Bugg 19/11/19

The singer opened with his new track ‘Rabbit Hole’, which was a controversial but effective choice. Fans couldn’t sing along as easily as they would to other songs, but it was the perfect song to start building that atmosphere, and demand the audience’s attention.

‘Seen it All’ helped close down the evening, and proved that Bugg’s old tracks still haven’t lost their magic with a crowd. The crowd themselves weren’t too energetic as things kicked off, but picked up the enthusiasm as more well-known tracks continued to come.

However, this all changed the further back and towards the center you drifted. There were moments when the crowd went from passive to truly wild, such as when they recognised the opening to ‘Lightning Bolt’.

The success of the set-list was perhaps the fact that big hits were dispersed evenly and frequently throughout the night; ‘Lightning Bolt’ came about halfway through his set, and ‘Two Fingers’ was the perfect finisher.

Jake Bugg’s crowds throughout this tour seem to prove that the simple format of a singer and his guitar hasn’t quite yet grown boring; huge numbers of people flocked to see him perform, and evidently had a brilliant time.

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