The Dunts release their stellar video for ‘Marilyn’

‘Marilyn’ doesn’t stray from the sound expected of The Dunts; the track is full of angry guitars and blaring vocals, with undeniably clever moment. The lyrics talk of the tragedy of the late Hollywood starlet, addressing her personally fairly often. Subtle rhymes such as tired and deprived show that the band know how to make a track stick, and elevate the song to a proficient level.

Just after two minutes, however, the drums pause their thunder and we see a short, brilliantly restrained intermission. You can imagine these few seconds translating well at a gig, with the bands’ wild fans pausing their chaos to sing along.

The video itself is a cut-and-paste of clips of Marilyn Monroe, interspersed with filtered videos of the band. The lyrics come across as at least somewhat mournful, and the dark tumult of images emphasises this sense of angry despondency.

The nostalgia of the imagery is offset by the clear modernity of the frenzied instruments and piercing vocals; it is hard to watch the video all the way through and not feel like you’ve been taken on a journey of mourning, anger, and simple enjoyment of the well-paired video and song.

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