Currently Spinning 22/12/2019

The Lapelles have created a beautiful track, made better with how it flows into their band’s name; ‘Grab Life By’ is lighthearted genius. The single has been around for what feels like years, but is now part of their 2017 self-titled album. Among tracks like ‘Horseshoe Falls’ and even ‘Bright Young Things’, you can tell that ‘Grab Life By’ was written at an earlier time; a more carefree and optimistic place. The chorus is a beautiful explosion of joy and passionate instruments, fading into carefree verses that make you want to be in the beach house by the sea that they talk of.

For a band with only three songs on most streaming sites, Shambolics have hit the nail on the head with ‘When She Goes Home’. The story told is endearing and reminiscent of many adolescent experiences; it makes us wish they released more than one track a year. The distinct vocals have stuck around for their 2019 release, ‘Chasing a Disaster’, which fits the musical family of their first track, whilst bringing enough new guitar tricks to keep it engaging.

Black Thistles are quite simply one of the best bands to ever exist. And no, I will not be arguing about this statement. Have a listen to their brilliant tracks and try to tell me otherwise: it’s hard not to fall in love with the opening of ‘Nobody’s Special’, or have ‘Forget Me Not Factory’ blasting while you’re getting ready.

Since seeing Catfish and the Bottlemen live again, I’ve grown to respect their new album far more. Though no one can claim the body of work is anything too original, the tracks are unquestionably indie anthems that are perfect for singing along to when you want your energy lifted.

‘Hot Rod’ by Dayglow is a song that perfectly fits the summertime, hipster aesthetic of the accompanying music video. The melodic lyrics dance around each other and create a track that isn’t quite like anything in the mainstream right now. Many fans know Dayglow from ‘Can I Call You Tonight’; a track released last year that has a ‘graphic design is my passion’ sort of video to it. Though the green screen rightly prompted numerous jokes, the song itself showed promise that is very much fulfilled with ‘Hot Rod’.

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