Currently Spinning 05/01/2020

‘Different State of Mind’ is a hazy, nostalgic listen that leads you directly into the veins of the song. The lyrics are refreshingly easy to pick out of the track, and all brilliantly written; “jaw hanging like an accordion” is just one example of Kid Bloom’s excellence. This track is one of those that is definitely best enjoyed with headphones on, when you’re being enough of a sloth to fully appreciate the tempo changes and lulling chorus’.

Harry Styles doesn’t need much more praise for tracks from his second album, but there’s a reason ‘Watermelon Sugar’ rapidly rose to the number 1 position on US charts. The chorus is the perfect example of a pop chorus done well, with the surrounding verses being as equally playful and catchy. The track is easily one of his best, and has been many peoples’ most listened to song since it was released.

Vistas have turned their energy to 100% for their relatively recent release, ‘Eighteen’. The track is immediately recognizable as the twin of ‘Retrospect’; there isn’t much separating the two, and at times components are so similar they do seem to blend together. However, ‘Eighteen’ is its own song, and perfect for waking up to or putting on when you need a spike in your winter mood.

The Night Cafe’s ‘Endless Lovers’ is the mid-point track of the bands’ 2019 album, and is an easy listen for when you’re finally getting through some uni work. The track is slower than ‘Felicity’ or ‘Mixed Signals’, but no less of an instance of their soft indie-rock sound.

Only Sun have an impressive catalogue of songs, and ‘Spiral’ retains a worthy position among them. The song sounds like many other indie tracks, but the distinct vocals set it slightly apart, especially in moments when they are broken aside from the heavier chorus’. The band are continuing to carve out their identity with recent releases such as ‘VICE’ and ‘I Can’t Stand It’, the former of which in particular is a brilliant track, proving that the band are more than capable of introducing an original take on the indie formula. The song starts to truly get interesting at around the two minute mark, and listeners can hope that this song is indicative of more similar content from the group.

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