Discover: The Big Moon

In anticipation of The Big Moon’s album release, we’ve tasked ourselves with running you through their best material so far, and delving into the band itself to try and give us all an idea of what we can expect.

A quick look at their social media will let anyone know that The Big Moon have a sense of humour, as well as a great love for each body of work they put out. They’ve joked (or admitted – we’ll leave that decision to you) that they’ve intentionally chosen their album release date to be January 10th because that night is a full moon; “we time all things with the great lunar goddess”, they wrote.

You might best know the four-piece for ‘Cupid’, a beautiful track that takes you through a drawling, alluring set of lines before imploding suddenly into notes that startle you in the best way possible.

The group gave us four new singles last year, of which ‘Your Light’ has been particularly well received. Racking up almost two million listens on Spotify, the catchy chorus and well-timed changes in pace just keep you pressing the repeat button. The whimsical lyrics teamed with a voice that refuses to be childish or gimmicky works throughout the tracks to imbue the music with one of the most intriguing and promising sounds of this year.

There isn’t a band we can easily compare them to, which is rare to find among the multitude of recent bands imitating each other. Some songs sound a little like they could be Blossoms tracks, and others sound entirely different; The Big Moon have carved out a distinct sound and space for themselves.

‘Take a Piece’ is another more recent release, which slightly resembles a Black Honey sort of vibe. However, there is something more carefully honed within the vocals; something that manages to be more mature without being antiquated or expected. The isolated vocal segments work spectacularly because of this, and the production also pulls its weight, particularly just past the three minute mark.

‘Carol of the Bells’ is brilliantly eerie and haunting; a Nightmare Before Christmas sort of amalgamation of skeletons and ringing festive bells. A Christmas track is not the usual route most indie bands go down, but the single continues to prove that The Big Moon are refusing to be one-dimensional in the sound they want to give fans.

Heading to Leeds on January 25th, The Big Moon are set to celebrate their second album’s release as they bring their eclectic mix of tracks to the 02 Academy.

The band are also touring a huge stretch of the UK this month – catch them at these dates and venues.

10th Jan – London Rough Trade
14th Jan – Bristol Rough Trade
15th Jan – Nottingham Rough Trade
20th Jan – Cambridge Corn Exchange
21st Jan – Bournemouth O2 Academy
23rd Jan – Leicester De Montfort Hall
24th Jan – Cardiff Student Union
25th Jan – Leeds O2 Academy
27th Jan – Newcastle O2 Academy
28th Jan – Glasgow Barrowland ballroom
29th Jan – Glasgow Barrowland ballroom
31st Jan – Birmingham O2 Academy

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