Cigarettes After Sex Get Ready For UK Tour Dates

The dream-pop trio, led by Greg Gonzales, is making its way through the UK on a short run of UK dates. With their latest EP Cry, the band continue their ambient, lulling, immediately recognisable sound.

‘Falling In Love’ has been named as their second single, following the release of ‘Heavenly’ which saw warm critical reception and millions of streams in just weeks.

“This was one of the few songs where I had the music written before we got to Mallorca,” explains frontman Greg Gonzalez. “I wrote the melody and chords in my apartment in Brooklyn in 2017. It wasn’t until two years later that I finally wrote the lyrics, it was during mixing and we literally had one day left. I wrote and sang the song that night, and in the performance you can hear the exhaustion and emotion of finally finishing this record.”

“My girlfriend and I, our relationship was long distance for so long, so we developed as a couple mostly over the phone. The second verse is about how we would go see the same movie at the same time like it was a date, even though we were living in separate cities.

I think there’s something cosmic about this one. I wrote the music before our relationship started. I wasn’t in love at all then, I was just writing about love and what it’d be like to be in love again. Two years later I actually fell in love again, and that’s what it took to finish the song.” 

“The sound of this record is completely tied to the location for me,” Gonzalez explains. “Ultimately, I view this record as a film. It was shot in this stunning, exotic location, and it stitches all these different characters and scenes together, but in the end is really about romance, beauty & sexuality. It’s a very personal telling of what those things mean to me.”

The trio sound as though they wanted their EP to truly be a work of art, and the live shows to be an encompassing, romantic exploration of that sound. You can catch them at these UK dates:


23/3/20 – Bristol – Academy 
24/3/20 – London – Hammersmith Apollo 
25/3/20 – Birmingham – Institute 
27/3/20 – Leeds – University 
28/3/20 – Glasgow – Barrowland 
29/3/20 – Liverpool – Academy

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