The Rooves Continue to Impress with ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’

With perhaps the most promising discography we’ve seen from a fledgling band, The Rooves have set a high standard for themselves. Since the release of ‘Television’ last year the band have been relatively quiet, but the new track proves they’ve been anything but idle.

Tracks ‘Television’ and ‘Games Without the Fun’ have shown a creativity and skill for song writing that we don’t often see from emerging bands – the group are already carving out an original, unique voice.

‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ sees a promising guitar introduction, which continues throughout the song to be impressively catchy and intriguing. The lyrics? Exactly the same. The vocals don’t try too hard, but rather skillfully tackle tempo and emphasis to create a sing-along song ideal for getting us ready for summer.

Charlie explains that “WDYTYA is the first single off of our next EP, which we’re hoping to have released very soon. Ross made the original demo with the catchy guitar riff during summer and we all kinda fell in love with it”.

Elaborating, Dan tells us, “I am really into funk and soul music so I tried to draw inspiration from bands like Sly and the Family Stone, and Parliament when creating the bassline for the song. It is probably one of my favourite parts I play in any song of ours, especially live.”

“We took it into Warren Studios in Sheffield where we recorded the entire upcoming EP, and undeniably it sounds a lot different to the original demo but we’re super happy with the outcome. It definitely has a different vibe to previous releases but we’re hoping not to disappoint.

I think having not released a song in almost a year has put a bit of pressure on this release in particular but hopefully our slight change in direction pays off. We’re currently working with up and coming writer/director Eleanor Webb-Thomas on creating some really cool visuals to accompany the song which is something we’ve wanted to do for a while now.”

“I pretty much wrote all the lyrics in one sitting,” Charlie says. “I can remember one morning at the start of summer being so excited by the instrumental and wildly focused on creating a memorable melody to do Ross’ work justice. “

“For me the lyrics are generally about how easy it can be to just fall into routine and how sometimes it can be really tough to notice when something is wrong when it’s such a huge and intrinsic part of your life. I guess the song is just really about coming to terms with that, listening back I can recall how frustrated I was at the time and I can take a lot of comfort in knowing that I don’t really feel like that anymore.”

“In terms of the next EP, I like to think that there’s quite a few surprises that people won’t necessarily expect from us after hearing our current discography. There’s definitely a lot of inspiration from artists such as Marika Hackman and The Big Moon and we’re looking forward to sharing what we’ve been working on with our listeners.”

We can’t wait to see how The Rooves continue off of this high, and what 2020 has in store for the band.

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