Discover: Jamie Webster

The Liverpool-born and bred singer-songwriter has returned with new single ‘Living For Yesterday’; a track that looks at Webster’s working-class roots and experiences.

Immediately, it’s hard to not be reminded of Jamie T and Gerry Cinnamon – the artists share a similar style of lyric-writing, and seem to drift towards the same ideas. However, there is undoubtedly more of an authenticity to Webster’s track – his passion shines through in ways most other singer-songwriters can only mimic.

He says of the track, “’Living For Yesterday’ is about people who feel that they have to play up to a crowd. The idea that because someone’s got a certain type of rig-out, they’re automatically socially accepted instead of actually acting like who they are as a person. Half the time it’s not true and half these people aren’t who they’re pretending to be. We shouldn’t be surprised or blame them, because they’re a product of their environment.”

‘Living For Yesterday’ continues to talk of the every-day man. He tells us, “I think music should always tell a story of something you’ve witnessed yourself or seen. Something that you know about. That’s what I try and go for, relativity.” And perhaps this is why he has amassed such a huge following so rapidly – people can relate to him and his daily experiences.

Influenced by Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and The La’s, he mixes past and present sounds to create something nostalgic yet very current. He mentions supporting Cast to be one of his personal favourite moments – “Everyone grew up on Cast and The La’s”.

Webster’s last single ‘Weekend In Paradise’ reached No.8 and No.1 in the iTunes and
Singer-Songwriter charts respectively, and was streamed over 100,000 times. Moving forward, he hopes to support artists such as The Lathums and Paul McCartney; very different musicians, indicating the scope of Webster’s interest in the current music scene.

Jamie’s already played to an audience of 60,000 in Madrid, with a dedicated group of fans looking set to catch him at his upcoming UK tour, as well. Each date of the tour has sold out – Webster will be hitting Dublin, London, and Liverpool with his electric new single.

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