Discover: Paris Youth Foundation

New track ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ shows us that Paris Youth Foundation still know how to make a song full to the brim of nostalgia and optimism. It’s described as “a track brimmed with sonic optimism, yet underpinned by a yearning for closure and comfort”, and we couldn’t agree more. 

Rich Turvey, producer for Blossoms and Courteeners, has been helping out with new track, and together they’ve found a new approach to well-loved themes. According to frontman Kevin, “’Home Is Where The Heart Is’ is very much a love song at its core. It’s about that rare time in breakup, where you kind of don’t want to be sad or argue anymore. You just want to appreciate the time and the memories for what they were.

It’s about that person being home for the weekend and how a place and a person can take you back in time, and maybe just for one night you pretend you’re still the same kids who fell in love all that time ago.”

The instrumentals are relentlessly bright, and the visuals of their lyric video present us with a late night drive down memory lane, where the fading auburn light of the sun battles with the gleam of overhead streetlamps. The boys have kept hold of their clear vibrancy, with a firm grasp kept on their earlier song-writing style.

The Liverpool five-piece have a wealth of other tracks, if you like the sound of ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’. ‘Losing your Love’ has been in my indie playlist for years now, as has ‘The Off Button’. New releases haven’t started slacking, with ‘Look What You Started giving us a heart-wrenching, beautiful song.

The band have been growing from strength to strength in their performances, perfecting their craft at festivals such as Live at Leeds, The great Escape, and Liverpool Sound City. Playing alongside Blaenavon, The Magic Gang, Vistas, and The Night Café, the group are no strangers to a venue stage, either. With rumours of an album on the way in the summer, there is no doubt that ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ will not be the last we hear from Paris Youth Foundation this year.

The release of ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ precedes a seven-date headline tour in February, as part of which the group are heading to Leeds’ Oporto this Tuesday – head down on the 25th if you’re looking for something to brighten up your week.


20 – MANCHESTER, Off The Square
21 – HULL, The New Adelphi Club
22 – SHEFFIELD, Network 2
25 – LEEDS, Oporto
26 – GLASGOW, Poetry Club
27 – LIVERPOOL, Zanzibar
28 – LONDON, The Waiting Room

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