Interview: The Sherlocks

Ahead of their string of UK tour dates, we caught up with the four-piece known as The Sherlocks. Still going strong after about six odd years, we tried to figure out just how they’ve done it.

The Sherlocks in particular are a band that have massively capitalised off social media – was this an active decision or did it just happen?
It just happened probably due to the good connection we have with our fans.

What do you think sets you apart from the other indie boy-bands on the festival line-ups this summer? 
We write real songs with melodies, and we’re rocking all our instruments with no backing tracks!

Which festival are you most excited for?
We love all the festivals, we have a couple in Ireland which we’re looking forward to. We’ve never played a festival there before.

You’re touring pretty relentlessly over the next few months – is it a tiring or exciting prospect?
It can sometimes get tiring but we’re now professionals at touring so we’re used to it. The best part of touring has to be waking up in a different place every day and cracking open a cold one with your three best mates.

Do you think you’ll carry on playing people’s back gardens, and other more unusual gigs?
If there’s a demand for it, we’ll do it.

Which song from Under Your Sky has the best story behind it?
I would say the title track. It has a deep meaning to Kieran but we like to let people feel their own emotions for our songs.

Deep down we’re still young rockers!

Have your fans responded well to the new production?
We’ve seen nothing but positivity. I think we took the perfect step forward while still maintaining our roots.

Do you try to write about yourselves, or about experiences your fans will relate to?
A bit of both really. We’re four young lads going through the same things as all our fans so naturally they relate.

Your latest releases have a new sense of maturity to them – have you learnt a lot in the past year of being in the band?
Yeah we’ve been all over the world and seen a lot of things so naturally we’ve matured but deep down we’re still young rockers!

How much bigger is your band going to get this year?
We’re always looking to grow and add to our fan base, we’re going to put 200% into it like we always do.

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