Currently Spinning 09/03/2020

Having lived in Hyde Park for a few years now, it’s hard not to immediately love ‘LS6’ by Easy Life. Even if the song isn’t referencing the iconic postcode, known and loved by all Leeds uni students, the track is a brilliant stand-out from their EP. The track is as whimsical and light-hearted as their other releases, despite Murray repeatedly singing, “I’m serious now”. The rest of the EP is equally brilliant, with ‘7 Magpies’ opening up with brilliant lyrics and instrumental choices alike.

BLOXX aren’t slowing down ahead of their many festival dates this summer, putting out ‘Coming Up Short’ as the latest addition to their indie-pop discography. The band aren’t straying too far from the sort of songs that have made them popular, but the song does see them experiment slightly more with their layering, and sonic effects. The chorus is somehow just as catchy as every other song they release – it’s absolutely perfect for the lead up to summer.

The Strokes could easily get away with releasing sub-par tunes, and relying on their legacy to ensure their career stays afloat. However, ‘Bad Decisions’ is a beautiful addition to their discography; the entire song stays loyal to the sound that The Strokes have come to own over the years, and cements itself as completely timeless. It accompanies ‘At The Door’ as one of their 2020 releases, but is the more immediately upbeat of the pair. The band are currently touring 18 countries, so check out the nearest date to you if you still haven’t seen them live.

‘I Know That much’ is a 2020 release by the The Lathums; a band that have generated so much social media buzz it’s hard to have not heard of them yet. With notes reminiscent of The Strokes, the tune takes a far more traditional indie-rock tone than some of their earlier releases, and shows us a different side of the four-piece.

Sea Girls are yet to release a bad song, and ‘Timeless’ shows us that the softer side of the group, first seen in ‘Daisy Daisy’, is still as full of raw emotion as ever. The track is a pared-back paradigm of gentle, powerful melody and lyrics working together in 2 minute and 28 seconds of pure beauty. The group’s range is flawless; other tracks on the EP are festival-ready anthems with brilliant guitar work.

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