Riscas Release ‘Cool To Chill With’

Now more than ever, we’re looking out for music that lightens up our day a bit; that brings an air of buoyancy and radiance to a time of isolation. And the jazz-inspired, indie-pop masterpiece from Riscas is a masterclass in doing just that.

Amassing over 6,000,000 streams and 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Riscas have supported the likes of Pale Waves, Sam Fender and The Night Café. And yet, they’ve stayed incredibly firm and true to their own sound, and the direction in which they’ve always said they want their music to take.

In our interview with the boys last year, they revealed that due to the success of ‘Panic Like Tom’, “because it did really well there’s always going to be pressure; you don’t want the other songs to flop. I think we did kind of panic a bit – ironically – and tried to just write the same old crappy songs, but with this new one we went in with absolutely nothing, started from scratch. We just put a lot more time and passion into it. It’s really different, it’s more of like a jazzy song”.

“Every song we write and record now we want it to be different from any other song we’ve recorded. We want to be unpredictable. We just want to be a bit different and try new things”.

Taking a decidedly different tone from ‘Panic’, the track has definitely proven the band were right to take a more experimental direction, and not stick to the stale formula that other bands have filled whole albums with. Drawing inspiration from Easy Life and Rex orange County, they’ve landed on a solid, summer-time jazz-pop amalgamation of unexpected sounds that weave together seamlessly.

The new track sticks firmly in your head, with a clarity in production that allows their brilliantly timed vocals and musical flourishes to come together in a triumphant, classically-Riscas tune that is just slightly more mature than previous music.

‘Cool To Chill With’ is feel-good indie at its peak. Absolutely perfect for playing while you’re trying to finish up uni work, or knocking around the house while you wait eagerly for summer, it’s a track that unquestionably brings unrestricted beams of sunshine to your ears.

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