Currently Spinning 05/04/2020

Isolation is bringing out just enough music to keep us all entertained; here’s some of our top picks.

The Snuts know how to bring you out of a rut. If you’re struggling to get out of bed, set ‘Summer In The City’ as your alarm song. It’s so full of energy it seems too big for your phone; so full of optimism and exuberance that it is exactly what we need right now. The short pauses throughout provide brilliant flashes of a build-up, before the lyrics jump toward you once again.

Bedroom / Boredom know how to write melancholy lyrics well, but always weave them into a tune that accosts you with its infectious vitality. ‘How Did You Get Up There’ proves the band are just growing from strength to strength, releasing music that continues to show more and more ingenuity in both writing and production.

‘Figure 8’ is the new relaxed, laid-back offering from Peach Pit. The tune has more energy than previous tracks, but maintains their distinct sound with recognizable vocals and a beautiful chorus.

Dancing On Tables have found a stunning, under-water sort of imagery in their song ‘Oh’: a track full of “oh” refrains that do not grow cliche or tired, but elevate the track to a euphoric, enchanting sound. The lyrics have an earnest tone to them, that is not lost among decisive drums, but shines through the entire three minutes or so. We’re a bit late to the party, with ‘Oh’ being released in 2017, but it is hard not to be intrigued by the band’s other releases.

The appeal of Fuzzy Sun lies in the very name; they know how to bring sunshine in through your headphones. ‘Eve’ is a work reminiscent of a Blossoms tune, but holds its own with the pure radiance that surrounds it: the chorus that begs you to put the song on repeat.

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