DMA’S Release New Alt-Pop Anthem ‘The Glow’

DMA’S have just released their new single ‘The Glow’ , from their forthcoming album of the same name. The album was scheduled for release this month, but has been pushed back slightly to July 10th.

The Glow’ is the 3rd track to be taken from the forthcoming album following previous tracks ‘Life Is A Game Of Changing’ and ‘Silver’.

The track’s buoyant sound is infused with a signature distorted guitar riff and a Strokes-y beat, matched by Tommy’s euphoric, recognizable vocals. ‘The Glow’ has evolved and been fine-tuned over the years. As Tommy O’Dell summarizes, Some parts were written when we were going through break-ups and others were written more recently when our lives were very different. For me it’s a snapshot of where we were and where we’re at now. That’s the reason why it’s one of my favourites.” 

The track proves the band haven’t forgotten how to write a track that gets people talking. It furthers the DMA’S incorporation of digital beats and sequencers in their songwriting process, and is a perfect touchstone of what to expect from their 3rd studio album with its euphoric energy.

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