Mellah Shares ‘Family Fun’

Taken from his forthcoming debut album, ‘Family Fun’ has given us a glimpse into the amusing, ironic tone that Mellah has chosen to employ.

The track launched alongside a colourful, nostalgic self-directed music video, where Liam (aka Mellah) hosts a surreal version of the nineties television favourite, Family Fortunes. With brilliant moments such as a product model rubbing Botox from a huge vat onto his face, Mellah shows us creativity unparalleled by most contemporary musicians. It’s an innovative, interesting take on tired music videos, and certainly posits Mellah as a canny purveyor of whip-smart, clued-up indie-pop.

A delve into the song’s subject matter reveals decidedly bleaker tones, with Mellah taking an inquisitive look at society’s failings and who, along the chain, is to blame. He describes the track as “a shape-shifting, heart-racing skewed, left-field pop song,” and it’s hard to disagree. The chorus is catchy, bright, and uplifting, but this is rendered all the more unsettling when placed over a video displaying child poverty statistics. He isn’t afraid to delve into political territory with his music, but still maintains a deceptively, alluringly cheerful sound. There’s a clear irritation with our country’s politics – a feeling mirrored by many listeners, now more than ever.

“I often feel quite a lot of anger at society and how people seem to ignore injustice just for a cup of tea and a comfy sofa. We consume these sanitised shrink-wrapped little nuggets of reality whereas the rest of the world’s crawling around in the mud. It seems crazy to me that people aren’t angry about it, don’t want it to change.”

It’s hard to believe Mellah began his musical journey as a drummer. Early recordings suggested something altogether more conventional in the singer-songwriter mould, but we see this quickly overtaken by a more purposeful, determinedly individual influence. His discography shows off catchy pop songs with a with substantial message; a reason to exist. Pop with a pertinent point. 

Mellah has announced a huge London show, to coincide with the announcement. He’ll be headlining London’s Scala on the 28th October – his biggest gig to date.

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