The Ranzas are a self-described post-indie band from Ayrshire, with distinct vocals that render them ones to watch. Twelve Inch’s avorutie track of theirs is ‘Sinner’; a simple tune that is on the more chilled-out side of their discography. The guitars and chorus show a confident step toward carving out their own individual twists and turns, and the rest of their tracks are equally worth a listen. They’ve just released ‘sunshine’ which we’ll definitely be adding to a few playlists.

We’ve been a bit slow on the Lathums hype, but ‘I Know That Much’ is a stellar tune, exempliying why the band have ammassed such a cult following. The Lathums are a four piece, with a well-received EP already under their belts. ‘I Know That Much’ features on the Fight On EP alongside a twin-titled track, ‘It Won’t Take Long’, and ‘Time For Me, Light For You’. Northern influences are impossible to miss, with brilliant hints towards Courteeners and Roses type tunes.

Take The Night From Me is by no means a new track, but it remains beautifully written and we’ve been listening to it more and more in the slow-paced sunny weather. It’s a stand-out from Miles Kane’s 2011 album, and shows no signs of aging or growing any less brillaint.

If you’re looking for a track to lift your spirits a little, ‘Not My Baby’ is one we’ve been adoring. Alvvays have so many little moments of genius within this track – the vocals lilt and trip along in a sublime way, with lyrics that are carefree and poetic. The entire track seems to be reminiscent of an untroubled state of bliss that we’d all wish to partake in: drums add just the right amount of energy in perfect moments, and the layers toward the end leave any listener ready to do something – anything – dramatic and dynamic.

Gazelle’s ‘Guilt Trip Gun’ is a stellar tune, with guitars that aren’t shy of making themselves known and vocals that scream of unrelenting energy. You can easily imagine the track blasting through speakers at a festival, and singing along with your mates – it’s the perfect up-beat indie track. The band haven’t released anything yet this year, but we’re keeping our eyes open and our hopes up.

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