The Academic release new track ‘Anything Could Happen’

If you’re in need of some indie-disco hybridity to brighten your rainy day, The Academic are here to help. ‘Anything Could Happen’ is as optimistic a track as the title suggests, showing an exciting mix of new influences in both lyrics and sound.

The four piece hail from Westmeath, and their debut unsurprisingly went to number one in Ireland. It’s clear they have a buzzing fanbase in the UK as well, having recently sold out London’s Scala. If you’re not already a fan, our interview with them at Community festival last year should hopefully familiarize you with them in no time.

The Irish group have thus far been known for feel-good, festival-ready indie tracks, such as the brilliant ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’. ‘Girlfriends’ and ‘Bear Claws’ have been lifting festival tents from the ground for years now, but the new track seems keen to offer their long-standing fans something new.

Accompanied by a video featuring couples sitting through lock down together, the new tune seems to be a 70s take on their earlier music, with synths and guitars taking us a step back in time but a step forward in the bands’ musical progression.

‘Anything Could Happen’ shows the boys starting to grow in maturity. The Casablancas vocals are an unexpected turn, but offer a depth to the music, whilst maintaining a lighthearted and playful tone throughout. There’s just something very, very fun about it that makes us immediately want to be in a sunny festival field, drink in hand, dancing along.

We can only wait and see if their live shows will be as wild as the ones from past years, and how they hope to lead up to their 2021 festival appearances. They’re already penciling in tour dates, and have hinted at more singles as well as an EP – keep an eye on their social media for updates!

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