Yard Arms Release ‘Mantra’

Formed in 2018, Bristol-based Yard Arms are a jangle-pop powerhouse offering up a taste of late noughties euphoria and heartfelt melancholy. Comprised of Billy Golding and Noah Villeneuve, the group haven’t let current circumstances slow them down, with new track ‘Mantra’ showing unrelenting commitment to their music.

The duo have been growing from strength to strength with consistently moving, powerful tunes, released under a firm sense of self. They already have EPs from 2018 and 2019 under their belts, with sorrowful songs that liken them to Cigarettes After Sex, but with a decidedly more upbeat approach.

2018 saw them release their hauntingly beautiful debut EP ‘Maiden’, later followed up by their sophomore EP ‘A Glossary of Broken Humans & Beating Hearts’.

They describe their new track ‘Mantra’ as a “triumphant love letter to the anxious”, and it certainly lives up to this description. Though emotional and penetrated throughout with sadness, there’s a threads of clear triumphant underlying the vocals.

Yard Arms say their music is perfect for fans of The Cure, The National, and Death Cab For Cutie, and we can’t help but agree – the influence is clear. Romantically morose lyricism melds flawlessly with undeniable exuberance, delivering an emo anthem perfect for the contemporary times.

As the first taste of their third EP, the song gives us a lot of hope for more of the same; keep an eye out for the collection that is bound to impress.

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