Interview: Fuzzy Sun

With four effervescent new tracks already released in this lock down period, Fuzzy Sun have proved they are the optimistic narrators of our bittersweet times. We had a chat with them to find out more about their evolving style and the unstoppable Fuzzy Sun light.

You’ve recently had a line-up change if I’m correct? Could you clarify that for fans and introduce any new members?

“Nope, there’s not been a line-up change, we have just had one member of the band depart. George has been in Fuzzy Sun for nearly two years, he just sat on the periphery a bit. But now he like getting his picture taken!”

All your songs are so beautifully soaked in sunshine; do you ever feel tempted to write something more melancholic?

“On the contrary, I think all of our songs are melancholic, maybe not to the ear, but definitely in content. I don’t think we’ve released a really ‘happy’ song. Songs like ‘December’ and ‘Gentleman’s Touch’ I definitely feel have a very melancholic feel. There can be no happiness without sadness, so that’s why the songs have these juxtaposed elements. Also, it’s nice they don’t feel like that, as I can expel my dark inner shadows, while everyone else has a good time basking in the Fuzzy Sun light.”

Are you all as optimistic as your songs sound in everyday life?

“Definitely not, especially not me or Lewis. Raffi probably is!”

Who’s behind your latest track artwork, and how much do you care about visuals as a band?

“The artwork is done by a good friend and international artist, Franko B. Visuals are definitely something I really care about and we have all had discussions about this recently. For me it’s important to have visuals that have something to say and evoke emotion, and Franko’s work definitely has that.”

It’s lovely seeing you all still putting out music and videos, even whilst separated: is music becoming a way of coping?

“It’s always a way of coping. Music does that for me in day to day anyway. But yeah, it’s been great that we’ve still been able to put music out and we have had a great response from people. They have also said it’s been good for them to have stuff to look forward too, while being stuck in their own houses. So hopefully we can get some more stuff down in the near future.”

One of my favourite Fuzzy Sun tracks is ‘Gentleman’s Touch’; could you talk a little about how the song came about?

“The song was originally an instrumental idea George had. So, one day when I went round to do some writing, he played it for me, I really liked what he had down, so we started crafting it into a full tune. Joni Mitchell and Captain Beefheart played a big role in influencing parts of the instrumentation ie. the Wurlitzer. There were definitely John Martyn influences in certain guitar parts we ended up putting on the track. And then an overall coming together of Fuzzy Sun on top. If there is a story, it would be one about setting yourself up just to fall.”

A lot of bands have moved away from the A-side / B-side format: what made you chose to go with that rather than individually released singles?

“I think simply because we have the songs and we want to put them out there. Also gives people more to listen to, allows us to try different avenues in terms of songwriting and recording. For me I prefer a body of work too, more of a product than just a one-off song.

Which September gig are you most excited for?

“Manchester Academy 2 most definitely, that will be our biggest ever headline hometown show. At the same time, it’s also the one im most worried about, ha-ha! We can’t wait for the whole tour though, can’t wait to get back on the road and have a dance with everyone.

Are you leading towards an album release this year?

“Not as far as I know. I mean, we have released six songs already since January, and we are hoping to put even more out in the summer, so there will be an albums worth of songs out this year, they just might not be all part of the same release. But eventually that’s what we are working to and we can’t wait till we get the chance to lay it down.”

Especially apt for the recent hazy, sun-spangled weather, Fuzzy Sun are a band full of introspective things to say and refreshing, prismatic ways to say them.

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