Currently Spinning 28/05/2020

The Snuts haven’t been quiet this year, with the release of their Mixtape EP and high praise from fans. We’ve been listening to ‘All Your Friends’; a track which sees the band’s proficiency for song-writing reaching an all-time high. ‘Boardwalk’ has been another firm favourite, showing a softer side to the Scottish foursome.

We’ve all been inundated with covers recently, but Wallows‘ rendition of ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ stands out as one we’ve been particularly keen to listen to – and it didn’t disappointing. The old-time feel of Wallows certainly helps do the track justice, and revive it with vocals that don’t ty to over-sing or change the original tone of the track.

It seems like BLOXX don’t know how to write a bad song; ‘Lie Out Loud’ has been in a few summer playlists recently, for its classically-BLOXX high-energy hooks and honest lyrics. The track is also the title of the highly-anticipated album from the group, with hopefully a few more indie-pop anthems.

Cassia‘s new track ‘Drifting’ is as new a release as they come, with lyrics inspired by dystopian storylines and the current strange times we find ourselves in. The tropically-infused track talks about confusion, daydreaming, and distance – themes neatly wrapped up in sun-kissed notes.

SPINN released their Acoustic EP in 2019, and the stripped-back rendition of ‘Video Games’ still holds up as an unexpected but charming cover, allowing us to see a different side to the band known for sun-without-the-shade. ‘Foundations’ is equally enchanting, with the candid lyrics made even more transparent.

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