BLOXX Release Stadium-Ready Tune ‘Thinking About Yourself’

For a track that lead vocalist Fee says almost never became a single, ‘Thinking About Yourself’ is astoundingly full of well-mastered melodies and high-powered lyrics.

The band have explained that it was a hard track to finish, as the demo was so good – it was hard to recreate the guitars and well-loved drums. However, with time and countless edits, they’ve landed on the indie-pop anthem that we’ll be listening to this whole weekend.

Open-hat drums from the demo version give the track an authenticity and elevation that Fee explains really saved the track from being not-quite-right. It comes as no surprise that the chorus is fit for direct translation to a festival field; BLOXX are nothing if not born performers, particularly skilled at immediately amping up any crowd.

The opening boasts a vinyl tape quality, with pulsing lyrics that are subtly different to anything we’ve heard from Bloxx before. ‘I can’t wait to play this live’, says Fee, and the anthemic tune seems set to make entire festival sets on its own.

The track joins two other earlier releases; ‘Lie Out Loud’ and ‘Coming Up Short’, which are also well worth a listen for fans of BLOXX.

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