Courtneers Promise Explosive 2021 Gigs

Replying to a recent tweet, Liam Fray has confirmed that if Manchester is open, it can expect a Courteeners gig. This comes as a much-needed ray of flare-clouded hope for indie fans impatiently awaiting the return of live music, and counting down the days till they’re free to gather with their mates and good music again.

Fans have of course started to speculate as to where the location for this might be, with many hoping for a return to Heaton Park. Others have asked if Etihad or Old Trafford will be on the cards, as they wait to hear more from the band.

The band have also revealed that their Heaton Park gig of last year was filmed, so eager fans can get their fix with footage form the legendary event.

Courteeners have been staying busy in isolation with covers and collaboraitons, recording ‘Please Don’t’ with Stockport-band Blossoms. Liam has also been streaming live gigs from his home, saying “Can’t promise it will be professional. Can’t even promise it will sound good. But I can promise we’ll have a good time”.

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