Sports Team Battle To Top UK Charts

Cambridge-born Sports Team are currently exploding across social media platform as they battle Lady Gaga to the Number 1 spot on UK charts. If they do so, they’ll become the first group to chart at Number 1 with their debut album in four years.

Yes, four years. It sounds hard to believe, with countless bands emerging over recent years, bringing indie-pop firmly back into the spotlight, that no debut album has managed to knock more established artists off of the top spot.

‘Deep Down Happy’ is a 12 track album, released on June 5th this year. ‘Fishing’ has already amassed an impressive 1,196,400 views, with other singles creeping up to join it.

Having been described as one of the ‘most raucous, electrifying and chaotic acts in the UK’, the band have sold out hometown shoes before going on to play all over the country, gaining a crowd of loyal, passionate fans.

In a last-minute attempt to secure the spot, Sports Team put their album down to an insane 99p until midnight of last night. Dedicated fans have been buying about five copies of the band each, and even casual fans have been buying as much as they can to get the guitar band to Number 1.

Even if you’re a fan of neither Sports Team nor Gaga, this chart race has been one for the records, in the extent to which it represents genuine, probably hope for the success of small bands in the mainstream.

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