SPINN Share Sparkling New Single ‘Stuck On A Feeling’

SPINN dropped their latest single early this morning, with an immediately, overwhelmingly positive reception from fans. ‘Stuck On A Feeling’ sees them creatively expanding, with slightly more abrasive vocals blending into their signature jangle pop sound.

Lead Singer Johnny Quinn comments:

“I’ve recently been struggling to get asleep a lot, which to be honest I’m kind of new to, so at first it was such a frustrating and anxiety inducing thing, that I felt I had to write about it. This song is like a prayer for sleep, although I think when you listen to it, you’ll find the music itself has the opposite effect.”

The song is the first new material we’ve seen from the Merseyside quartet since their eponymous debut album in May 2019. It comes accompanied with a visual re-brand on their social feeds, showing whimsical moon and star imagery, and effervescent lyrics to match.

With a longing for peace of mind powerfully expressed in the writing, and a tone full of brilliant determination, the track marks a slightly new trajectory for the sunshine-band.

You can catch the band at the following dates and locations:

11 July – Finsperry Festival
27 Sept – Liverpool Sound City
17 Oct – Underpass Festival
18 Oct – Hit The North Festival

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