SPINN Share Brand New Video For ‘Stuck On A Feeling’

After COVID-19 scuppered the band’s plans to shoot a new video, the band had to improvise, and put their creative talents to the test. The quartet used footage from their sold-out 1200 capacity show at Liverpool’s O2 Academy in December 2019, creating a new video that is nostalgic for those who were there, and inspires envy in those of us who weren’t.

Flashes of lights come alongside quick cuts and jumps, bringing us straight in to the Academy venue, at one with the packed crowd and manic fans. SPINN are no strangers to a wild crowd, but playing in their hometown was never going to provide a boring show; the fans never once seem to disengage from the spangly-pop track.

We see the band unquestionably doing what they love; their energy never falters, and their faces never drop.

This video is both brilliant and brutal; we are left missing gigs and live music to an even higher degree. If we didn’t already miss the amps and amped-up crowds, SPINN have succeeded in making us eagerly await the day we can once again see them perform.

See the band live on the following dates.

27 Sept – Liverpool Sound City
17 Oct – Underpass Festival
18 Oct – Hit The North Festival

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