Discover CALM

CALM are a five piece indie outfit emerging from London. Maintaining a DIY approach, all their songs are self-produced out of Adam’s bedroom. Having garnered support on their early releases from the BBC Radio 6 and BBC Intro, the band are making waves with their new music, full of catchy chorus’ and easy melodies.

‘Is There Anybody Alive Out There?” and “Something’s Changing” have been recorded in the midst of the pandemic, but still emerge as polished, well-produced tracks with no shortage of optimistic notes that wrap around relatable lyrics.

The A-track reflects on feelings of isolation and being cut off from the outside world during the last three months, wondering who and what will be left once things return to some sense of normality. The song is also a message of hope, questioning whether we will make positive changes to the way we live our lives as a result of this unprecedented event.

Following up is the B-side ‘Something’s Changing’, which touches more on how life has and will have changed for better or for worse, during and post-pandemic. Though discussing tumultuous change, the vocals don’t dip in their lack of bitterness; we see a hopeful tone throughout.

Their single ‘Sucker’ recently featured on Netflix show ‘Terrace House’ and has been garnering listens and new fans ever since. Their debut show was a supporting slot for Dirty Hit’s King Nun, and the team have also opened for the likes of Childcare, Neon Waltz, Paris Youth Foundation and The Dunts.

There’s clear inspiration drawn from such artists in their music, with Spotify also comparing their sound to Fuzzy Sun, SPINN, and Marsicans. You can check out the track alongside the band’s social media, and make a judgement on these comparisons yourself.

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