The Lathums Join Island Records, Announcing Debut Single

The prodigious four-piece have joined forces with the music titans to bring us a sparkling-new debut single, titled ‘All My Life’. The track is set to be released on July 3rd.

The Lathums are songwriting frontman Alex Moore, Rickenbacker-toting multi-instrumentalist, Scott Concepcion, Johnny Cunliffe on bass and Ryan Durrans behind the drums. Quoting influences as wide ranging as The Housemartins and The Ramones, the band has rapidly recruited a dedicated and attentive following, spanning generations.

Deep-thinking, articulate and blessed with irrepressible positivity, The Lathums’ bright melodies, taught verses and jubilant, beg-for-a-ticket live shows have become British guitar music’s worst kept secret, setting fans of emotive and inclusive songwriting rushing in their direction.

Delivering pure joy and tall tales, the four talented friends from the overlooked fringes of Greater Manchester enjoyed a heady year on the road and netted streaming figures in their millions before signing to Island in March.

It’s been a momentous month for the young band, with the development of their first Island Records single, set to soar into unparalleled praise. They’ve also been working on a vinyl release of their debut EP, The Memories We Make.

The Lathums will be joining Tim Burgess for a Twitter Listening Party for The Memories We Make on Tue 30 June at 10pm – keep the evening free and tune in.

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