The Lathums Release Nostalgic Accompaniment to ‘All My Life’

The Lathums’ debut single with Island Records is now out, confirming the unstoppable assail of the prodigious four-piece. Currently already hanging in the UK Album Charts Top Ten with their debut, independent release, The Memories We Make, the group could well be on their way to a joint celebration with new track, ‘All My Life’.

‘All My Life’ comes accompanied with nostalgic, grain-filtered visuals that lead us in to a hazy forest-scape, full of wispy florals and gently-strummed guitars. Shot entirely on vintage film, on the streets and fields of the group’s native Wigan, the video offers a picturesque repose of tranquility.

‘All My Life’ was the first song ever written by 20-year old lead singer, Alex Moore. Inconceivably articulate for a voice so young, he was just 16 years-old and about to leave school when he poured his heart out into his guitar, inadvertently felling the first domino in the chain reaction that leads to The Lathums’ unassailable rise.

Moore’s vocals shine through as a charming, languid emblem of talent, shifting from sublimely held notes to stripped back, candid verses. The track is a masterpiece in disarmingly brilliant composition, from the perfectly-placed guitars to bone-reaching drums.

Speaking of the track, he says: “The message of the song is significant for me, it was borne out of desperation, pain and anger. I am not sure why. I had already had a lot of life experience by then, I was and still feel like an old head on young shoulders. When I read the lyrics it’s actually quite optimistic, so I was probably looking to my guitar to escape. Make sense of the world. Make a new version of the world for myself.”

The joyful, sun-dappled film captures moments of friendship and adventure on aimless summer days: the perfect backdrop to such a track.

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