Discover: The Hails

Florida band The Hails have just released their latest single, ‘Denial’, which doesn’t disappoint. Trippy notes marry into an eclectic production style to produce a sound irresistibly reminiscent of summer.

True to the hallmark of The Hails’ sound, the track plays with a groovy bassline and showcases the band’s intricate production style. It nods at a myriad of musical styles past and present; the slick bass and punchy drum machine feel like driving down a neon-laden street.

Talking of the track, Solari says, “‘Denial’ was a test of our boundaries creatively; When I first came up with the idea for the ending, I hid it on my computer for months until we got together in the studio. Thankfully, we were all open to exploring this new direction and let the song take us to places we hadn’t been before.” 

McCue elaborates that “‘Denial’ was one of the first songs I started writing after we all graduated from college and could no longer live in the same city. I was feeling some angst/uncertainty at the time and I think that came out in the lyrics. It was also my first real attempt at fleshing out a composition on my laptop using the limited production knowledge I had, which was really fun and liberating. We were able to develop and finish the idea together remotely and that’s basically how we’ve been making music ever since.” 

The group met at university, and have been perfecting their art ever since. Pulling inspiration from music titans like The Beatles, Radiohead and Frank Ocean, the group found themselves following their blueprint when it came to evolving their music. Covering different genres from Indie rock to R&B, The Hails’ sound stemmed from the various musical influences from each band member, giving fans a full spectrum of music choice. 

Fans of the latest release will also enjoy their earlier tunes. ‘Younger’ is creeping towards 4 million streams, with beautiful vocals and guitars that rise into triumphant peaks, before falling back into a chilled out tempo. The band simultaneously sounds carefree and full of brightness: their tunes are recognizably indie-pop in style, but with so much flair and individuality that they create a new, independent sphere in which to live.

The new track is a bright, brilliant escape for the summer of isolation, and leaves us ready to hear more from the promising group.

Header credit: Liam Sheehan

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