While still stuck predominantly under our own roofs, music has become an even more important tool for escaping the working-from-home monotony, or cheering ourselves up as we go to finally have a catch up with mates. We’ve rounded up some of the tracks that we’ve had on repeat recently, for the various moods you might be finding yourself in.

With their debut album a now imminent prospect, we’ve been blasting Sea Girls at every sunny opportunity. In particular, ‘Closer’ is a great track to add to your playlists for a brilliant dose of indie joy. With trilling guitars and an infectious chorus, the tune remains one of their best.

‘No Pressure’ is one of Mahalia’s oldest tracks, but it remains a classic, with her beautiful voice shining through in candid, open lyrics. The song discusses industry and personal pressures, in a brilliantly understated manner. Harmonies are layered flawlessly, pairing with controlled peaks of emotion to create a tune packed full of depth. It’s been on constant repeat, as one of those tracks that you just can’t get sick of.

DDE’S are a Manchester band, staying firm to their indie roots. Their latest EP shows Oasis as a clear influence, with the legendary bands’ signature tone developed by DDE’s in a fresh, individual way. The three piece have become a quick favourite with fans, thanks to their electric riffs and soulful vocals.

After the inspired video for ‘Elephants’ was released, we’ve had the tune on non-stop. The Snuts have developed their songwriting to an unprecedented level with the quarantine-born creation, giving fans just the thing they need to keep spirits up. Read more about the video and tune in our interview with the group.

DMA’S have inspired a flood of passionate responses from their listeners, after the release of their third album, The Glow. Though the album has countless hits, and numerous instances of skilled songwriting, ‘Learning Alive’ has been a Twelve Inch favourite. ‘Criminals’ is another criminally underrated tune, which will leave you itching for festivals and gigs to make a comeback. Read our interview with the group here.

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