Alpaca Factory Release ‘You’re Obsessed’.

Alpaca Factory are an unsigned, upcoming 4-piece from Chesterfield, full of promising releases and thought-out visuals, with a name hinting at whimsicality and indie-pop fun.

Formed in October of 2018, they’e already big names in the local scene. After only 2 months since their first rehearsal, they managed to help sell out Sheffield’s Cafe Totem with The Rooves, and only a few months later helped to sell out a 250 capacity gig supporting The Outcharms. Their gigs have been packed, sweaty, and full of raucous energy.

Their debut single ‘Breathalysed’ is a beautifully simple and mellow song, with relatable lyrics about being young with too much time. Early music shows the clear influence of Oasis and Arctic Monkeys; the band has a confident, rock-led sound, full of guitars and compelling lyrics.

With ‘You’re Obsessed’, we see exponentially increasing levels of energy, with numerous layers adding to the madness. The psychedelic guitar solo is an unexpected contrast to the grungey vocals, offering a beautifully juxtaposed moment of lightness.

There is a huge focus on the descent into obsession; the reverberating “again, and again, and again” in the lyrics epitomises this repetitive, obsessive theme that they’ve chosen to explore. The final chorus is followed by an explosive, unhinged monologue, full of raw emotion and a drawling, passionate tone The outro, again, provides a beautifully thought out juxtaposition of gentility, with a calming instrumental being the inspired final few notes.

There’s no doubt that Alpaca Factory can only continue to improve, with even bigger shows and more experimental, brilliantly-indie tunes.

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