Black Honey Releases New Summer-Ready Track ‘Beaches’

No strangers to a catchy, indie-rock anthem, Black Honey have released countless electric tunes, and new track ‘Beaches’ is no exception.

Though the new release is perfect for dancing about in your kitchen to, it somehow also remains effortlessly cool, in a way only Black Honey’s sugar-glazed tone could ever do. Phillips’ voice is as alluring as ever, trilling the first few lines in an amped-up, glamorous opening hook.

The flairing synths are accompanied by brass instruments, bringing even more fun to the rock-and-roll masterpiece.

Izzy B Phillips says, “‘Beaches’ is cheeky twisted collage of all things weird, set to a playground clapping song. It’s all eye rolls, punk gigs & girls in polka dot bikinis. A nonsense filled retro world I wanna disappear into at times like these.”

The accompanying video is self-directed and shot in a back garden, with a DIY beach serving as the backdrop to Izzy and a cardboard cut out of Elvis. There’s no expense spared with beach-appropriate props, and the group’s creativity shines through with the different characters and costumes that make up this brilliant storyline.

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