Discover: The Skinner Brothers

Formed in 2018, The Skinner Brothers are a London-born band that . Relentlessly cool, their music combines influences from a huge range of genres to produce countless stellar tracks.

The boys started to really make a name for themselves after being asked to join The Libertines on a UK tour, and the indie-rock influence is clear in tracks such as ‘Nothing but an Actor’; a tune with lyrics discussing disillusionment and playful facades in close proximity. The chorus doesn’t try to hard, but is lithesome and bright in an effortless way.

Released two years ago, it showed early promise that then truly exploded into full-blown brilliance with tracks such as ‘Sally’. Though originally released in 2019, it rightfully made its way to top their 2020 album, Soul Boy, Vol.1 as one of 10 tracks. The vocals have matured while remaining playful, and shine in candid references to soberness and sadness.

At points, vocalist Skinner almost laughs; the group aren’t afraid of doing exactly what they want in production, and often mix in a laid-back tone that skillfully juxtaposes their rock inspirations. It’s hard to miss the jazz influence, which weaves in to the gentle melody seamlessly.

‘Cool Train’ is as laid back as a song gets, taking a relaxed look at 9 to 5s and silver-spoon breeding. The album continues along a similar path, with scatty interludes among precisely-punctuated lulling vocals.

The disparity between Soul Boy, Vol. 1 and 27 to Life isn’t a mammoth one, but it’s distinct. The latter collection features more up-beat tracks, with exuberance being the predominant note. ‘Jump Up Your Body’ is a standout, with an electric chorus that shows willingness to constantly experiment and avoid fitting neatly into any one genre.

‘Away Days’ is the group’s latest release, being shared only a month or so ago. It’s decidedly more anthemic in sound, though the control on tone and layering is never lost. The Fifa sound is a transparent ode to football culture, but has a nostalgic, longing tone that translates imperceptibly to countless other similar reverences for togetherness.

We’ve kept continuously coming back to ‘Sally’ – give it a listen and you’ll soon see why. Check out the band’s other tunes over on their Spotify, and keep an eye out for their crazy live shows.

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