Cabbage Release New Single, ‘Get Outta My Brain’

Manchester’s Cabbage have released a wiry tribute to the nerve-jarring electricity of their home city, with new rack ‘Get Outta My Brain’. They’ve taken the release as an opportunity to also formally announce their second album, Amanita Pantherina.

The latest collection will be released on 25th September through their own label, Brassica Records. This is their second single of 2020 after ‘You’ve Made An Artform (From Falling To Pieces)’ and is paving the way for a new collection of “punk fuzz with the iconic dance attitude”. 

‘Get Outta My Brain’ inhabits Cabbage’s post-punk sound, as it shows hints of early Nirvana, with vocals reminiscent of the late Sex Pistol’s frontman, John Lydon. However, the band credited a musician who is closer to home for the album’s inspiration in Shaun Ryder, particularly Black Grape’s late-90s era. The band have said that the song “pays tribute to our city, a torrid tale about the consequences of pressure and the way we choose to tackle some of our hardest endeavours in life.”

Co-Frontman, Lee Broadbent, says of the single: “The title of the track has two meanings and it’s about the balance of how the two meanings constantly fight each other – some people just want to run away and some people intoxicate themselves to run away. It’s an attempt to channel the spirit of Manchester and is purposely amped to become a choice cut when we get out to do it live.”

The phaser-sounding effect on the bass guitar drives the song, along with a variety of sounds on the electric guitars. Amanita Pantherina is the band’s first self-produced album, which is apparent in how creative Cabbage have been.

After reaching the UK Top 30 with their debut album, ‘Nihilistic Glamour Shots’, Cabbage will want to follow in the footsteps of Irish post-punk band, Fontaines D.C, who achieved their highest album chart finish with their second album, ‘A Hero’s Death’. 

Cabbage play Bingley Weekender on 8th September alongside White Lies, Craig Charles and Cassia, and you can look out for the album release on Friday the 25th of September, 2020.

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