A Certain Ratio Release New Track ‘Yo Yo Gi’

Much revered post-punk/electro-funk group A Certain Ratio are greeting us once more, with new single ‘Yo Yo Gi’; taken from their much-anticipated album ACR Loco — set to be released September 25th. ACR first established themselves in the late 1970’s, releasing their 1979 debut single ‘All Night Party’ on Factory Records. ACR Loco will be the group’s first album in twelve years; making ‘Yo Yo Gi’ a small glimpse into what is only to be assumed as a sparkling comeback for A Certain Ratio. 

Released August 6th, ‘Yo Yo Gi’ is the one of three singles taken from ACR Loco; with ‘Always In Love’ and ‘Friends Around Us’ having been released in June this year. As opposed to its slightly moody, guitar-driven predecessors, ‘Yo Yo Gi’ is very much a techno-induced affair; taking influences from the likes of 808 State and Romare, resulting in a dance-driven track with hints of funk and soul peaking through every now and again. 

Synths. Synths everywhere; almost bouncing from note to note in a careless yet calculated way — analog in fashion but also with inklings of a futuristic approach, nodding respectfully to the past but welcoming the future. The track builds up gradually at first, eventually reaching its peak; quite expertly keeping that energy level up through to the very end. Tiny hints of influence from The Chemical Brothers are sprinkled throughout ‘Yo Yo Gi’; personally reminding me of pre-pandemic nights out, where I would dance consistently through the night to repetitive beats on the dance floor of a dark, sweaty underground club.. 

The bass and percussive rhythms are firm and fresh; accompanied by sweeping, arpeggiated synths and the addition of African-influenced percussion introduced mid-track — showing an assortment of elements that make for a very promising glance into the new yet familiar direction ACR seem to be taking. As an entity, ‘Yo Yo Gi’ is just a sliver of what’s to come from their upcoming album; a collection of sounds old and new, and most certainly keeping to their futuristic approach to funk-inspired electronica. 

A gentle nod of appreciation to beer-kissed nights out, and a contemporary approach to groove; A Certain Ratio bundles the many years of music-making into ‘Yo Yo Gi’, hopeful of many more dances to be had. All that’s missing, of course, is a dance floor. 

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