Hovvdy Releases New Single ‘I’m Sorry’

Hailing from Austin, Texas, indie-pop duo Hovvdy are back again with another sumptuous treat for our ears with new single; ‘I’m Sorry’. Shortly after their release of ‘Runner’ — released just last month — ‘I’m Sorry’ is Will Taylor and Charlie Martin at their finest; delightfully odd as always, whilst showcasing dreamy melodies that are best suited to lying in bed on a calm Sunday morning. 

Slightly muted vocal melodies greet us from the get-go, along with a reverberated kick and snare beat that echoes through your soul to the very end. The song in its entirety feels somewhat zephyr-like; feelings of heartache but also of healing: a journey downstream that Hovvdy are kind enough to let us in on. Gradually swelling in volume, accompanied by wispy, mellow vocals throughout; ‘I’m Sorry’ is a harmonically beautiful, and melodically considerate track — created for the disenfranchised, and executed to foggy, ambiguous perfection. 

Fundamentally acoustic, Hovvdy also incorporates elements of electronica in the most subtle ways; pulling us in gently at the beginning with synth-enhanced vocals and rhythms, then reverting to their familiar, honestly indie style, before welcoming back the electronic-inspired rhythms, vocals and synths for the end of the track — bringing closure in a familiar, comforting way. 

Stacking on Will Taylor’s growing pop sensibility, “I’m Sorry” carves a beat around the artist’s hollowed-out, echoing vocals. Jumbled feelings in flux swirl a cloud of granular electronic ambience. “I’m sorry,” he sings. “Going under the water again.” 

Of the song and stylistic venture, Taylor says: “‘I’m Sorry’ is about the mixed emotions when a relationship has to change or end. Grief and relief. We were excited to pull the guitars back to let the vocals and ambient textures shine. The clank and swing of the programmed drums create a resonance and energy that brings it all together.”

Effortlessly minimalistic in nature, Hovvdy is consistent in delivering stunningly layered instrumentals lead by melodically sweet, wistful vocals that haunt you and soothe you in equal measure; providing a plethora of influences from pop to hip-hop. All-in-all, ‘I’m Sorry’ is the oh-so-familiar nostalgia trip that Hovvdy never fail to contribute to this ever-expanding world of plentiful music that we’re currently living in. Unapologetically honest, inexplicably raw, and invariably delightful; I’m Sorry is yet another notable mark on the musical map — transcending above normality and welcoming us in to their world of authentic memories. 

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