With mornings still monotonous and evenings still being spent locked in our homes, we’ve been looking for more and more great artists to keep us occupied and entertained. A few of our writers have teamed together to talk you through just who they’ve been listening to recently, and which musicians have been rediscovered.

Let’s be honest, Courtney Barnett is always a suiting vibe for any kind of day. Born and raised in Australia, Barnett has been creating and releasing music for the past eight years, quickly becoming known for her witty, stream-of-consciousness lyrical style; topped off with that classic Indie-Rock, Anti-Folk style of guitar and percussion that we’ve come to know and love. I’ve personally loved Courtney’s music for years, and specifically remember having her 2013 albums The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas as my own exclusive playlist when I worked at my local pub, sweeping up broken glass at two in the morning.

Courtney’s honest, talk-sing style has never failed to soothe me; a restless kind of peace I haven’t quite managed to find in any other artist. Paired with blues-inspired rhythms from both percussion and guitar, and the way in which she constructs her lyrics in such a candid, droll way, there was no way that I wasn’t going to fall in love with Courtney Barnett’s music. From a classic such as ‘History Eraser’ to her newest single ‘Just For You’, Courtney always seamlessly blend styles and moods; providing a little bit of honesty that we all need to hear and relate to every now and again.

Jenny Lawes

With Lorde taking an extended break before her much awaited 3rd album, there’s never been a better time to rediscover the New Zealand songstresses’ older works. Melodrama is the perfect album for the times with its infectious dance tunes and nostalgic tone providing a small form of escapism from the strange era we’re living through. Opening track ‘Green Light’ in particular is a highlight with a slow build to a devastating finale setting the mood for the rest of the album excellently.

Dom Asher

I’ve been loving Caro’s new E.P, Cat’s Pyjamas. They released the collection on the third of August this year and I’ve had the band on repeat since. The title track instantly hooks you with its blend of indie guitars and pop synthesisers, and the expert rhythm section turns these fantastic songs to a thing of excellence. All four songs stand out in their own right, demonstrating the group’s diversity, as they experiment with ballads and sing about important issues.

Adam Laver

Sea Girls are still rightfully dominating the attention of their fans with their debut album, Open Up Your Head. Released just two days ago, listeners are already hailing the collection as one of the best of the year, with universally relatable lyrics discussing loss, heartbreak, and eventually recovery. ‘Forever’ stands out as a favourite from the album, with its anticipation-packed opening notes, and intrinsically-Sea-Girls-style chorus that punches straight through you. The guitars are inspired, the vocals, perfectly timed; the group really have written the perfect indie-rock tune.

Eva Liukineviciute

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