Hauskey Launches Debut Single ‘Slow’.

Having spent years writing and performing across both Perth and London, Hauskey has honed his craft and taken the time to make sure his debut release is a brilliant one. Though ‘Slow’ has been floating around for a while in various forms, the Australian pysch-pop up-comer has now officially launched the single with Polydor Records.

Andy, AKA Hauskey, writes, performs, and produces his own records, and whilst this heralds his first audacious steps, Hauskey has led a colourful musical life that already reads like a low-budget arthouse film script. He wrote his first songs at thirteen, and though the sight of them is now forbidden, he explains that he’s learnt from the over-ornamentation of language. Why use fifty words when you could use five just as effectively?

 “A great song is like a great movie” he muses, “you become so engrossed in it that you ‘become it’ and forget you’re even watching a movie. That’s what good music should do too.”

The track is a heady cocktail of Tame Impala, Kevin Abstract, Mac DeMarco. Charm personified but with a louche kick and drive. Groove-heavy, groove-laden. A song that whistles between your ears and lodges firmly in the cranium. A strong, colourful start for this young Aussie dreamer.

The lyrics are clean, sharp, and often endearingly relatable in their banality; taking the bins out isn’t the height of poetic lyricism, but the image works wonderfully among the domestic, dreamy mood of the piece. The song avoids joining a slew of forgettable debuts with its impressively sophisticated production – many take whole albums to get to the clarity that Hauksey has achieved with ‘Slow’.

It’s a song of self-examination, of weaknesses, and of faults and what those faults can lead to. It’s got a knowing slacker-charm to it, breezy and uplifting – reminiscent wholly of hazy sun rays and lazing about.

The track has already racked up heavy rotation in his home country, with the influential Triple J station showing it impressive support, and Hauskey is hinting at an upcoming EP. Keep an eye out for more from the promising sun-tinted artist.

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