Review: The Cribs ‘Running Into You’

“Snap, crackle, rock” states the video for The Cribs latest anthemic single ‘Running Into You’, an apt description of what to expect for the next three minutes.

The song is a blast of pure rock and roll that wouldn’t look out of place on a setlist with some of the band’s biggest hits from their earlier albums. The short drum introduction leading into the heavy, fuzzy guitar feels like it’s dragging you in by the ears and demanding your attention. The band lean into their Yorkshire roots with the lyrics painting the picture of a Northern town slowly falling into disrepair, with balcony’s being torn down by new owners and town clocks that “stopped long ago”.

However, the guitars hide this nostalgia almost as if the narrator is trying to elicit white noise to prevent the reminiscing of times passed by.

The chorus repeated throughout the track is everything great about the band summed up in one line: “they’re always running into you”. It’s catchy, unapologetically indie and great to scream along to at a gig while clutching on to your best mate. This is The Cribs’ first release since 2017’s 24-7 Rock Star Shit, and after a tumultuous few years with doubts the band were going to reunite they’ve now announced a new album, Night Network (to be released November 13) with tour dates surely not far

The world has missed The Cribs, with very few bands holding the cult status that they do in the indie world; after nearly 20 years together it’s time a new generation of scenesters discover their indomitable sound.

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