Twelve Inch Talks To BLOXX

Fee seems really keen to just have the album out there – has it been difficult waiting for the release date?

Yeah I think we have waited long enough! Feels so surreal to get it out! 

Talk us through filming a music video in quarantine! It must have been a dramatically different experience?

Filming a video during all of this was very hard yeah, we always just want to be together! But Callum Lloyd-James (Head & Wrecker) ((and the whole team involved)) really smashed the videos. I don’t think we even needed to give him any ideas, he just nailed it. Both videos. 

I first watched you support Sundara Karma in Leeds and you were all so lovely; did you know how big the band would get at that point?

Thank you! And no, we never had a clue we would continue doing this. It’s a dream and we just want to continue making friends and family that enjoy our music along the way!

Do you have a favourite song from Lie Out Loud?

My favourite song on Lie Out Loud is ‘Give Me The Keys’ – sonically it is always the one I gravitate most towards.

Has the song writing come easily to you guys or has it been a challenge?

Song writing can be a chore and a party. It really depends. This album was written over 2 years. I did a lot of different sessions and I wrote a lot of different tunes, but it comes easy when you let it. The more you think, the less you write.

You’ve mentioned your lyrics can be quite fluid when you’re performing; would you say you prioritise the overall sound more than precise lyrics?

The lyrics may seem fluid, but I think they’re just straight forward, they become so relatable that it can be anyone’s fluidity. You can take what you want from my lyrics. It’s very circumstantial. I write from personal experiences, I focus on nothing but expressing myself through my own art. 

‘Thinking About Yourself’ is such an anthem – did you write it with festivals and gigs in mind?

I wrote ‘Thinking About Yourself’ because I wanted an angsty tune. I’m happy it sounds big for festivals haha.

Do any of the latest releases have a particularly interesting story behind them? With regards to writing, production?

I wrote ‘5000 Miles’ on a plane journey from America in June 2019; I had met my current girlfriend for the first time and was sad that I had to leave, so that was fun. Also the production on ‘Changes’ took a while but it’s basically the demo. Me and Luke Fitton took about three sessions making it perfect, but there was nothing to perfect – even the record version is demo guitars / vocals and harmonies.

Tracks like ‘Your Boyfriend’ and ‘Coke’ are always going to have a special place in fans’ hearts; is it the same for you or do you prefer your newer material?

We were born from those old songs, and we will never forget them. We released those tunes more than two years ago; we grew up and we’re trying to evolve. We just hope that there’s more for the fans to cling on to now. Grow with us. 

Are there any gigs in the works to celebrate the album release?

We have a UK tour coming up in 2021, which is on sale now. Buy a record and tickets in our store! It’s the only way to tour this album, so please support the cause and help us chart / sell out these shows.

You can purchase tickets to the 2021 tour now, and the album is available on all major platforms.

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