Circa Waves and Alfie Templeman release ‘Lemonade’

Circa Waves are back already, having released their fourth album, Sad Happy, earlier this year. ‘Lemonade’ featuring Alfie Templeman is the band’s newest single; a relaxing summery song that offers a great contrast to the world around us.

Circa Waves’ tour next year has a strong addition to the setlist as the single is a three minute opportunity of bliss for the listener to escape from the pressures and uncertainties of current times.

Working on it for two years, the song gained new legs when the forced lockdown trapped the British public inside. Sending each other their parts, singer Kieran Shuddall would ask guitarist Joe Falconer for his part and so on. When it was all pieced together, Shuddall asked the talented Alfie Templeman to add his vocals to the track, changing the dynamic and making it stronger.

Templeman says, “It’s one of these songs – and Radiohead do this so well too – where you can’t quite tell if it’s sad or happy which I guess makes sense given that Circa Waves have literally just made an album called Sad Happy. I think they’re really good at that.”

From their first album five years ago Circa Waves have continued to experiment. From the politically motivated Different Creatures to last year’s release of What’s It Like Over There, which continued along the trend of the band maturing in their own sound.

Circa Waves go on a rescheduled UK wide tour in March 2021, beginning at the O2 Academy in Glasgow and featuring venues such as London’s O2 Academy in Brixton. Original tickets remain valid.

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